Evolution of Design DCA’s Transitional Home Designs

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Transitional design is a huge current trend in architectural home design. These designs take inspiration from classic architectural forms and styles, but with varying degrees of a modern twist. Transitional Design helps those who may be a bit wary of more modern designs as a whole, incorporate certain modern elements and flair into their homes without taking that full leap into contemporary. Where true modern architecture can sometimes come across as cold and sterile, a well-done Transitional home can be just as inviting and cozy as a classic English cottage.

In our transitional designs, modern open floor plans are paired with classic exteriors. The exteriors are typically streamlined – simple details versus overly ornate brickwork or stucco banding. Additionally, the windows are notably larger. Oversized fixed windows with large scale divided lights replace a more modest-sized window with shutters. Sometimes the exteriors can have a surprising, modern twist, such as the cubist form garage on our Whitman house.

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On the interior, the level of traditional versus modern design can be balanced toward the owner’s taste. In our Whitman Transitional, the interior was steered much more towards modern, as seen by the kitchen. 


In sharp contrast, the kitchen and interior of our Banbury Transitional is French Country inspired.


Regardless of the style of the interior design, the floor plans are open concept and geared towards modern, casual living and entertaining. Luxurious master suites give the owners a spa-like respite. The gourmet kitchens are fully open to the great room for easy family conversations while preparing or eating meals.

We didn’t call it transitional design then, however, we have been doing it since 2006. When Design DCA did our Bartlett Street project, we struggled to come up with a good marketing name for the style. The home was loosely Prairie design inspired. We sometimes referred to it as wine country modern, or hybrid modern. 

Fast forward a few years and we completed our Spanish inspired transitional for one of our long-time clients, Winfrey Design Build. The idea was to take the Spanish / Mediterranean style that had been overdone in Houston by that time and create something new and interesting. 

Recently, the majority of our transitional designs are European inspired, with primarily English or French roots. As design trends evolve, the open concept living of modern designs and the comfort of more traditional designs are what makes transitional homes the continuously growing choice of those building a custom home.