Design DCA: Most Popular Exteriors on Houzz

By Design DCA|2020-04-14T19:47:59+00:00January 10th, 2020|From the Blog |

Design DCA was very excited to be selected as the second (so close) most popular exterior on Houzz in 2019. Gwendolyn Purdom, author of the article, “The 10 Most Popular Exteriors on Houzz in 2019,” noted that the exterior photos most saved by members of the Houzz community “impressed users with their warm, inviting farmhouse elements and sleeker contemporary details.” The exteriors that stood out “mixed striking materials, styles and natural settings.” Seemlessly blending design inspiration from multiple styles is the goal of Design DCA’s transitional design approach. 

With this home, designed by us and built by Winfrey Design Build, we wanted to experiment with melding a more modern element into an otherwise traditional English form. The result is the stone garage mass which has an overhang that extends to become a flat roof over the entry. Purdom also pointed out the concrete pavers, as opposed to a traditional driveway, and the dark wood garage door. At Design DCA, we take pride in our transitional design style and are happy and honored that so many Houzz users appreciate our unique approach.